Tuesday Night TV Serves to Cleanse the Palate After All That Nastiness

Tonight on television there are first ladies, families both little and big, dictatorial secrets, and anecdotal evidence of alien activity. If the shadowy secret societies were really in charge of Hollywood like they're supposed to be, there would be ten thousand things about naked chicks and Katniss, but not even e!… » 9/02/14 4:34pm Yesterday 4:34pm

​Weekend TV Is Getting Started a Little Early

It's been a long time since I worked 9 to 5 and I am still making my peace with weekends and a three-or-four day weekend is like, "What will we do? Will we still be the same people, on the other side of that cavern of nothingness? Do I remember how to read books?" It stresses me out. Anyway Happy Labor Day Weekend,… » 8/29/14 2:31pm Friday 2:31pm

​What to Rent, Stream and Binge This Labor Day Weekend

Weekends are great! Rainy or sunny, warm or chilly, it's a nice time to take stock and ask yourself the big questions. But what is better than that every-five-day treat? A weekend that is longer than the usual weekend, a jumbo one. Just like this weekend! Labor Day Weekend. End of White Clothes and Accessories… » 8/29/14 11:50am Friday 11:50am

Thursday Night TV Is a Girl That Merely Looks Like a Cat

Tonight it's either two hours of aliens or two hours of dorks, Maria Menounos figures out some stuff that's been bugging her, Big Brother continues into its perennial shitter past the halfway point, a heartwarming story about Jamaica is related, and we make some guesses as to Nicole Richie's whole deal. » 8/28/14 5:50pm Thursday 5:50pm

Movies and TV Leaving Netflix This Weekend

Melissa and Hambone are up to it again! This Labor Day Weekend all they want to do is squeeze the last of the Flix juice from the Net rind, or else what is their $8.65 a month even for? They delight in destruction; the gleam in Hambone's eyes says, "I want to see it when these movies vanish from Netflix. The actual… » 8/28/14 4:25pm Thursday 4:25pm

My So-Called Life: Ranking the Episodes, 20 Years Later

This week marks the twentieth anniversary of the premiere of ABC's My So-Called Life, which is important in some ways—its impact on culture, on television, on Tavi Gevinson—but not so important in other ways, namely that every piece of media is available to everybody and therefore time no longer has any meaning. » 8/27/14 10:00am 8/27/14 10:00am

​Tuesday Night TV Is All Awarded Out, Frankly

How were your Emmys? I heard it was very Emmy at the Emmys. As you know, I had a date with literally anything else. Tonight on TV, as we recover, there will be: Sex with toasters, drunk historians, group dates with loose women and Bad Girls, arranged marriages, and the death of at least one pretty little liar. » 8/26/14 5:42pm 8/26/14 5:42pm

​Monday Night TV Is Given Over Wholly to Celebrations, Accomplishments

Tonight nobody at any network really cares what is on, because they are all going to be giving each other handjobs for the 66th Annual time in a row, so they haven't really counterprogrammed much, which is smart because it's a self-fulfilling prophecy in a lot of ways: Nobody's watching because there's nothing to… » 8/25/14 6:02pm 8/25/14 6:02pm

Lena Dunham Demonstrates Once Again Why Women Can't Be Funny

Back in October of 2012, Lena Dunham sold a comedy memoir to Random House for $3.7M with an illustrated, 66-page proposal. The first season of Girls ended mid-June of that year—if you want a picture of where we, collectively, stood with Horvath and Co.—and so the news of the book deal was received about as warmly… » 8/25/14 4:00pm 8/25/14 4:00pm

How the DreamSpa™ works

Human cells are activated by fundamental particles of light called photons. At the cellular level, photons transform into life-force energy. The photons produced by the LED light are absorbed through the skin and acupuncture points. The fiber optic properties of connective tissue conduct the…

» 8/25/14 10:43am 8/25/14 10:43am